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Core Process Psychotherapy with David Rose

Why have therapy or counselling?

Most of us have times in our lives when we need some support. This may arise when moving into a new phase of life, dealing with loss or change in such areas as work, health and relationships. At other times we may have more general feelings such as lack of confidence, depression or anxiety.

Core Process Psychotherapy provides the conditions to help you find your way through difficulty. You can enhance the quality of your experience of life and deepen relationships with yourself and others.

You don't have to come with a problem. You may want to enrich your self-awareness and creativity.

What happens in a therapy session?

One of the most helpful things one person can do for another, is to be prepared to really listen and see them.

You can use this time to explore your situation, within a climate of acceptance, respect, and supportive challenge.

We can look at current life issues or concerns, past memories and how they affect you, and what is happening in the therapy relationship.

As well as talking through concerns, attention will be given to other aspects to help you get a fuller picture; they may include your feelings, breath, body awareness, images, dreams and creative expression.

What is Core Process Psychotherapy?

Core Process Psychotherapy is a psycho-spiritual approach based on the belief that within us all, at our core, is a source of innate wisdom. The intention is to bring awareness and compassion to the ways we obscure 'core' nature and limit our life choices and experience. Learning to see your situation more clearly and cultivating acceptance of yourself in it, is a process that can work at a profound level, and through which transformation and healing happen.

Core Process Psychotherapy has no set answers or cures. The essence of the approach is an exploration together, in which the therapist aims to stay with what is happening in the present and encourages you to work in your own way and at your own pace.

What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?

Both terms refer to a similar process; counselling is generally seen as more short term and often dealing with specific issues, whereas psychotherapy is seen as more far reaching and in depth, often over a longer period of time.

Practical information.

Psychotherapy and counselling sessions are usually held on a weekly basis and last for 55 minutes. I work in the Penzance area. Please enquire for further inforamation including charges.

You can have an initial meeting with me, which is free, and then a trial period of six sessions. If the therapy is not right for you, I can help you find a more suitable approach.

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